What is a Blog?

A blog is an exciting new take on traditional journalism, which in the past few years has experienced exponential growth in popularity due to the growth of the blogs platform – the internet. The word blog is a blend of the term “web log” and is basically an online journal or diary, that can be about anything.

Why do people Blog?

The most common type of blogging is that of personal use. People use their blog as an ongoing diary or commentary of their lives. They can be a place of reflection, ideas, memorys, opinions…anything the author decides to write about. Most personal blogs do not gain a large following, but ocasionaly some do. A great example of a personal blog that has gained popularity with the main stream is that of the blog of Sacha Chua.

Sacha’s blog is a pretty interesting concept. In order to keep her readers interested, She releases a new post every single day. She blogs about a variety of topics including her personal life, biking, baking, art, technology, enterprise, coding, culture, education, goals, software…anything and everything! She makes a powerful connection with her subscribers, reading her daily posts can make you as the reader fell as if you know her personally.

Another type of personal blog that is very popular at the moment is Micro-blogging, as seen on sites such as Twitter. These microblogs are less then a sentance in length and aim to capture a specific moment in time.

Other types of blogs include corporate and organizational blogs, which are used for business purposes nternally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relations purposes.  Blogs can also be sorted into categories like by genre (Travel Blogs are known as Travelogs, fashion blogs or legal blogs known as Lawgs) or by media type such as a video blog ( known as a Vlog).

Blogging can be usefull for many different reasons. The purpose of my blog (Brooklyn and Enterprise 2.0) is that I will blog about a different Enterprise 2.0 topic every week, in order to give my readers a bit of insight into the strange new world the internet is creating for us all.

What is a Blog? In plain english!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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