Enterprise 2.0 – To infinity and Beyond!

Over the past ten weeks or so, every aspect of enterprise 2.0 has been looked over with a fine tooth comb. Including;

What is a blog?

How are companies using Web 2.0 to achieve enterprise objectives?

The Benefits and Risks of Enterprise 2.0 Implementation
Enterprise 2.0, A Legal Risk?

Corporate Use of Social Networks

The world of Wikis

Blogging and Micro Blogging, Good or Evil?

But now it is time to ask the big question, where is Enterprise 2.0 going in the future? Personally I think we have only just seen the beginning of Enterprise 2.0. Currently Web 2.0 tools are utilised in Enterprise for both internal and external purposes. Internally, Enterprise is using web 2.0 tools for the main purpose of collaboration and the sharing of information. It is without a doubt an excellent way to communicate and organise within an organisation. Externally, Enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0 tools are doing wonderful things for organisations. Advertising has entered a whole new realm through the use of social networking. Having a successful social networking page and extensive online presence is essential to having a successful business.

The Three Waves of Enterprise 2.0

In the future the importance placed on Enterprise 2.0 will only continue to grow. According to a recent report released by Forrester Research, “Social Networking tools and internal wikis will have the greatest impact on workplace collaboration” along side with “forums, RSS and mash ups” which all “have a future in the enterprise but are currently underused”.  Other predictions for the future of Enterprise 2.0 include the fact that the “cultural resistance” to social networks will “eventually break, allowing workers to connect with like-minded colleagues and enabling a collaboration channel that previously didn’t exist in enterprise.”

The net value of Enterprise 2.0 market is also set to boom, hitting $4.6 billion by 2013 if the current trend continues. On the flipside of this, the price of web 2.0 applications will dramatically fall. The result of this being that the cost to companies to incorporate web 2.0 will be so viable, that they would be silly to not get involved.


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2 Responses to Enterprise 2.0 – To infinity and Beyond!

  1. calvynpark says:

    I personally think that Enterprise 2.0 will looms out over a couple years from now. Social networking such as Facebook, Linkedin etc. have been so popular and I came across case studies about major companies are using these social networking sites as their intranet or other internal connections. Its is certainly effective, and also real-time at the same time. Perhaps in the future, everybody will just be communicating through enterprise 2.0 tools rather than having face to face meetings that just takes time and effort, but of course in another view, face to face meetings are important as well.

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